Case Studies


Manchester Road Bridge Project Eric Wright Group

After tendering for and subsequently being awarded the contract our team immediately implemented and mobilised the provision. This provision was for a 2 year term and was in place to oversee the security of all aspects of the bridges construction including the protection of property, assets and personnel.

Our highly experienced Security teams were deployed on site and given tasks to ensure the sites integrity was maintained.  A visible presence was essential and both foot and vehicle patrols were conducted at strategic times.  As added value our security operatives also undertook the task of controlling the access and egress of all visitors and contractors, saving the client expenses in manpower and integrating our Officers within the project

In order to shine above any potential competitors we ustilised the latest technology and installed a NFC patrol system giving the client full visibility of our security operatives patrols, incident reports, H&S issues and the registering of personnel and plant.  The client had a dedicated portal and could view all activities from any location further insuring they had full transparency of our provision.

Eric Wright Waters Division Water Pump Security

One of our clients wanted us to provide 24/7 security cover for a water pump upgrade project. This project was for up to 10 other remote locations throughout the country.

Due to the difficulty of the area of cover and the nature of work it was very high risk. We carried out a detailed risk evaluation. Looked at the running logistic manning of the site.

Once we had accepted this we were able to provide the security of all the sites and were successful in completing the security project with the customer.

Westfield Shopping Center Broadway Bradford

We were successful in the tender win from another 10 security companies. This was a 2 years project. It was a fully managed security project. We installed turnstiles, cameras which were monitored back to our RVRC. We also provided a welfare manager and around the clock 24/7 security on site. We installed a tag point system for patrols.

We provided CCTV response to activation and random mobile vehicle patrols. Because this was the biggest shopping centre being built in Yorkshire it came with a high risk. When the construction went to its middle to final stage we were able to adapt and react to the security demand as this had increased. We were successful in handing over the security project to the client once it was ready for them to open for business.