Access Control


Our access control systems can include barriers, bollards, gates, road blockers, and turnstiles and be standalone or PC based. These can be interfaced with an intercom system and be fully automated and operated by a wireless remote fob, proximity reader swipe card reader or coded access keypad.


We can also maintain access control systems, e.g. Frontier Pitts, FAAC, CAME, BFT. and many more.  Prior to acceptance one of our experienced surveyors will visit your premises to review your security system and ensure it complies with the necessary standards.

Boss install and design systems that will help you to prevent and limit access to sensitive areas, eliminate walk-in theft and staff dishonesty by controlling access with the following methods:

  • Numbered keypad
  • Card swipe
  • Proximity sensors
  • Bio-metric, including fingerprint and retinal recognition