CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

Boss design and install CCTV systems for homes and businesses tailored to suit your requirements.

CCTV statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where there are cameras installed. by simply having a CCTV system in place can reduce crime, in the areas covered, by over 95%. This is proven as those that have had CCTV installed have similar results in all types of business; you will begin to appreciate why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection.

Security Systems

Theft against shops can account for a major reduction in their profits and previous experiences has found a small CCTV camera system can be the most cost effective form of prevention for retail shops of all sizes.  Because a camera does not allow the shoplifter to know whether they are being watched, or recorded, at any particular moment, they are uneasy about stealing while under the camera’s view. Criminals, therefore, will normally go to another shop where it is easier to steal goods.  For the majority of those tempted to shoplift it will provide a very high level of deterrence.

Reliable CCTV – even through network failures

Boss can offer you the reliability of a patent-pending Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) technology. ANR allows local storage in the encoder to act as backup if the network goes down. Conventional NVRs experience recording gaps during network failures, but Boss’s NVR uses ANR to automatically replenish those gaps.

Audio capability – listen in

Options are available with one- or two-way audio. Boss enables video and audio to be relayed as a single media stream so the two are synchronized.