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‘Construction Secure’ for prices on 4, 6, 8 & 10 camera systems.

13 to 26 weeks  £235 plus VAT, per week
26 to 52 weeks  £195 plus VAT, per week
Over 52 weeks  £175 plus VAT, per week

Prices are for a guaranteed hired period and are subject to site survey.

Construction Connect, Secure & Care is a modular site communications, security and environmental monitoring
System provided by BOSS SECURITY SERVICES. Our inclusive service requires minimal customer support for installation & operation and all systems can be installed rapidly on to virtually any site (free site survey required).

Connect; provides sites with temporary telecommunications and internet connectivity. Our systems can be installed immediately from when the site starts and do not require expensive surveys, telegraph poles or cable installations.

  • 2 or 4 handset telephone system
  • Inclusive UK landlines & mobile calls
  • Internet connectivity for web surfing & email
  • Over 10% cheaper than national telecom suppliers
  • Typical prices start from £150 per month
  • Construction Connect typical costs/more info RING 01274 761870

Secure; is a Construction Site & Vacant Property Intruder Detection System which has been installed by many leading UK construction companies for 8 years and has protected over 200 sites, saving the average construction project in excess of £30,000. The system utilises the very latest Police monitored CCTV surveillance equipment and provides unrivalled levels of security to the majority of sites.

  • Emergency response to all alarms & Police response to confirmed activations
  • Audible warnings to intruders
  • Remote client viewing of the site
  • 5% discount if Construction Connect or Care services are required
  • Typical prices start from £190 per week
  • Construction Secure typical costs/more info RING 01274 761870

Care; is a dynamic environmental monitoring system which provides real time noise monitoring of any site.

The automated system provides up to date average noise information, allowing site managers to stay law compliant and optimise their on site activities. Live statistics can be viewed on line and a system generated report is produced daily and delivered to you inbox.

  • 24/7 Real time noise monitoring
  • Totally automated (no user intervention)
  • Continuous noise management system show actual/average noise levels
  • 5% discount is Construction Connect or Secure services are required
  • Typical prices start from £200 per week