Key Holding

Key Holding

By choosing Boss as your professional key holding partner. You can be confident with regard to our professional key holding services.A receipt will be made out for the customer when the keys are handed over to us, and the keys will then be deposited within our secure key holding facility. Keys will be kept sealed, with each seal being uniquely numbered and recorded in our log book

We act as guardians for both residential and commercial properties providing security and essential services with access through safeguarding a copy of your property keys.

Why choose Boss Serve

Whether you require Boss to be your Key Holding partner for your home, businesses, factory or another type of premises., we ensure that you will receive a professional, affordable service.

Key Advantages

  • Dealing with the nuisance of false alarms so you don’t have to.
  • Dealing with alarm activation or emergency response when you cant.
  • Dealing with alarm activation more quickly than you may be able to.
  • Eliminating the threat of an untrained person putting themselves at risk from confronting an intruder who may still be on the premises.