Commercial Security

When you think nobody cares then you can turn to Boss Security Services.

 Boss Security Services has valuable experience in the security industry, working with small, medium and large business we have designed and installed various intruder systems, from hard wired systems, hybrid and wire free systems.

 Boss not only understands business and commercial security, we also understand the nature of your specific industry.  We have worked with manufacturers and service providers; this in return ensures the customers in highest quality system satisfaction.

 Different Types of Security Systems

 Hard Wired Systems

 This system has been installed from day one by installers using cables to run from detector to keypad and panel.  The cable wire is run by using the safest and accessible route.  For further information contact our surveyor.

 Hybrid System

 A hybrid alarm system is an alarm system which has a control panel that is able to accept normal wired circuits, but is also able to expand to include connections from wire free detectors.  For further information contact our surveyor.

 Wire Free Systems

 As time has gone by technology and demand has brought us wire free alarm systems. 

 How they work?

 They work similar to a normal alarm system but they are wire free.  From the customer point of view, there is an element of relief in not having the home disrupted by the lifting of carpets and floorboards which normally takes place by the fitting of a hard wired system.

 There are many systems which are now available which comply with European Standards EN50131 and PD6662 Grade 2 and can provide a reliable system for police response.

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