Alarm Monitoring/Remote Video Monitoring & Response Centre

Boss Security Services has been monitoring both domestic and commercial alarms and remote CCTV monitoring for a number of years. Our control room is manned 24 hours per day 365 days per year, and we provide a range of services such as:

  • Care Line
  • Intruder alarm monitoring
  • Remote video camera monitoring
  • Tracking ability
  • Lone worker monitoring

The control room is staffed with operators who are fully SIA licensed CCTV operators and they are all screened and vetted in accordance with BS 7858 standards.  All calls and actions are recorded by our intelligent control software.

The monitoring station provides centralised master control, integrating information from all system components. As technology advances new products are being manufactured and Boss can adapt our monitoring to suit the individual needs of the customers.  Our monitoring station also provides centralised control of incoming information from any system linked to it irrespective of how old or new the system is, and our systems are supported by our technical staff who are just a phone call away after hours should they be needed.

Care line/Intruders/video/Trackers/Lone workers/Fire Alarms
Our experienced team of operators will monitor signals and prioritise as each signal is received and then escalated as per procedure.

Secure Site Monitoring

With many customers having been forced to cut costs this has meant that some have reduced or even cancelled there manned guarding services; taking a systems approach to maintaining security helps to mitigate the risks.

Secure Off-Site Monitoring
At BOSS we are able to monitor your site with CCTV cameras from a remote monitoring station without there being any one on site. This saves you money on not having to pay staff to remain on site after hours.

False Alarm monitoring
All Alarms False or confirmed are verified and escalated as per escalation procedure.

Each event is logged and reported to the Installer and the customer; our administration will phone or email you with the report.

Integrity checks
Integrity checks are undertaken randomly during day and night to make sure the system is working. The operator does the through dialling in to your system.

How does this work

We will install a CCTV camera system on your site which can be leased, rented or purchased outright. This system consists of the cameras a recorder, amplifier, monitor, receiver, red walls and a loud speaker.

Step1 - The system can be activated by either a phone call to our control room or we can activate it at specific times as well as deactivate it at specific times. Should you wish the system activated or deactivated by phoning our control room you would need to supply us with a password to do this.

Step 2 - Our control room will monitor all signals from the site and where the system is activated a full camera patrol will be done by our CCTV licensed staff member. Should an intruder be detected on camera they will be told to leave the site via the speaker, and should they not leave the site the police will be called to an active intruder.  We are also able to dial into the system and do “camera patrols “of the site. This can be done randomly or at fixed times.

We can supply and install bespoke systems for many environments, including schools, retail outlets, hospitals, construction sites and car dealerships, many of whom require a cost effective security solution without using manned guards.

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