CCTV Benefits

CCTV statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where there are cameras installed. An article in ‘New Scientist’ magazine showed that simply installing a system can reduce crime, in the areas covered, by over 95%.  This is proven as those that have had CCTV installed have similar results in all types of business; you will begin to appreciate why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection. 

Theft against shops can account for a major reduction in their profits and previous experiences has found a small CCTV camera system can be the most cost effective form of prevention for retail shops of all sizes.  Because a camera does not allow the shoplifter to know whether they are being watched, or recorded, at any particular moment, they are uneasy about stealing while under the camera’s view. Criminals, therefore, will normally go to another shop where it is easier to steal goods.  For the majority of those tempted to shoplift it will provide a very high level of deterrence. Contact Boss Security Services on 0800 037 75 35 to have your CCTV Cameras installed to prevent theft and as an added security tool.

Reliable CCTV – even through network failures

Boss can offer you the reliability of a patent-pending Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) technology. ANR allows local storage in the encoder to act as backup if the network goes down. Conventional NVRs experience recording gaps during network failures, but Boss’s NVR uses ANR to automatically replenish those gaps. It even staggers the information relay to the NVR so the network doesn’t get overloaded.

Audio capability – listen in

Options are available with one- or two-way audio. Boss enables video and audio to be relayed as a single media stream so the two are synchronized.

Pre-alarm recording – capture the lead-up to major events

Boss encoders can temporarily record video of key security locations; then, if and when an alarm is activated, they will rewind and permanently record the information just before and just after the alarm. The relevant video is safely stored on the secure server, but valuable space isn’t wasted with hours of uneventful recording.

Video management systems – bridging PC and analog viewing

Boss encoders can temporarily record video. The best CCTV systems enable users to view video via both PC and analog monitors. The Boss VIDOS Video Management System provides a single means to control both, the most efficient way to manage video information in an IP network CCTV system.



As the market strives to reduce the amount of staff needed to operate security systems, IP networks allow further centralization. A single operator can monitor remote and wireless cameras from anywhere on the network, and the video can be stored remotely as well. And while many competitors offer point-to-point wireless capability, Boss allows wireless access anywhere on the network.

Simplified installation at lower costs:

Rather than requiring extensive coax cabling like analog systems, IP Network Video systems connect through CAT-5 or wireless communication systems that already exist in many buildings.

Reduced storage costs:

When CCTV video moves into the networked world, it allows you to take advantage of IT technologies like network attached storage and storage area networks, which can hold huge amounts of data. The system is using dedicated high-density storage servers rather than relying on a single hard drive. The video on those servers can then be shared with anyone anywhere on the network.


IP uses the benefits of Internet technology to create a more reliable security system. It can automatically redirect video traffic to a backup storage system in the event of a power failure or network outage.


IP networks offer improved flexibility for enlarging a CCTV system. It is not only easy to add cameras, but also to add storage space and distribute it across the network. Plus, IP networks are uniquely able to support multiple viewers. In the same way that an e-mail server can send the same data to multiple people at the same time, the network switch has the ability to clone the video and use the same data multiple times.

Video quality:

Modern IP systems use MPEG-4, which makes more efficient use of the network than M-JPEG. For times when lower quality would be sufficient and would help control the amount of storage used, IP gives you the ability to customize the quality of the video output based on your viewing needs and storage capacity. 


Convenience and overall efficiency:

Network video recorders (NVRs) using IP Network Video are the next step in an evolution of more cost-effective and space efficient solutions for viewing and storing video. IP-based digital encoders push encoded video onto the network for storage anywhere. This has opened the door to the process of converting analog video to digital, storing it in one place, and viewing it from anywhere in the world.

Cost effectiveness due to gradual transition:

As with any technology advancement, some users will be ready to make the jump to IP immediately, while others will prefer to transition over time. Because Bosch IP Network Video products are compatible with existing analog components, the transition can be effected gradually, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of IP video while continuing to make profitable use of your analog investment. Or, you have the option of installing a complete IP system all at once for instant access to the latest CCTV technology.



Advances in wireless technologies have been fuelled by the demand for increased mobility and ease of installation. IP enabled products instantly leverage this trend without requiring any change in their technology. Where is this technology headed? Imagine walking around with a single wireless tablet and viewing any camera on your network. Or instantly installing cameras along tunnels and bridges without any cabling except power. The technology is moving quickly. The future is not distant. 

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