Key Holding & Alarm Response

Boss Security Services act as guardians for both residential and commercial properties providing security and essential services based on access through safeguarding a copy of your property keys. We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your alarm, let you back in if you lock yourself out or just keep an eye on your home or business when you’re not around, providing peace of mind regarding the ongoing security of your property.

In addition, our unique contractor desk provides vetted, reliable tradesmen to take care of any property emergency or maintenance that may be required. As well as removing such stresses, you need not be distracted from work, or use up valuable free time to take care of emergency or mundane tasks; nor need you wait around, or even be at home at all, since we combine our key holding services with authorised access to your property, 24/7.


Key Holding and Emergency/Alarm Response


Key Holding

 You can be confident with regard to our professional key holding services. A receipt will be made out for the customer when the keys are handed over to us, and the keys will then be deposited within our secure key holding facility.  Keys will be kept sealed, with each seal being uniquely numbered and recorded in our log book. So whether you require our Key Holding & Alarm Response service for your home, offices, factory or other type of premises in England and Wales, we ensure that you will receive a professional, affordable service.

Key Advantages

  • Dealing with the nuisance of false alarms so you don’t have to. 
  • Dealing with alarm activations or emergency response when you may not be able to. 
  • Dealing with alarm activations more quickly than you may be able to if (for example, you are at home, at work or away from the property for an extended period of time)
  • Eliminating the threat of an untrained person putting themselves at risk from confronting an intruder who may still be on the premises.


Alarm Response

Our Alarm Response Service saves you having to get up in the middle of the night to deal with an emergency response situation that could be just a false alarm, or even worse, an intruder on your property! The police are extremely busy, and due to operational demands, very often are not able to deal with alarm response, leaving your business at risk. Our highly trained security officers will attend the premises on your behalf, and deal with any problems that may have occurred from the alarm activation. A comprehensive report will be given to you the following morning, outlining the incident that has occurred and what action was taken by our alarm response services.

Our Central Monitoring Station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and thus we will always be ready to respond to an alarm notification. Our vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking and this enables us to despatch the closest available emergency response unit, enabling our security officers to arrive at your premises as soon as possible. Our Security staff will carry identity cards and wear a full uniform with the company insignia on, thus making them easily identifiable, and will be in constant contact with our Response Centre. In the event of a serious incident, where we feel the customer needs to be contacted urgently, we will call a nominated member of staff.


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